Hair Transplant Costs

Hair transplant costs at Providence Hair Restoration depend mostly on the degree of your hair loss, how many grafts you need, and/or how many hair transplant sessions you need to complete your hair restoration procedure. During your personal consultation with Dr. Sztulman he will review the factors that will both impact your results and the ultimate cost of your hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant costs can vary.

Based on the expertise of the hair transplant surgeon and philosophy of the medical practice, you may find that hair transplant costs can vary widely. Dr. Sztulman at the Providence-Boston Hair Restoration Center performs only one hair transplant procedure at one time. You are the only focus. Other offices and many commercial chains may perform more than one procedure at a time and discount based on volume.

We perform the highest quality procedure at the best price we can offer.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) costs are usually more than traditional follicular unit hair transplantation because it is much more time intensive and involves more time and attention to detail when removing the hair follicles. Utilization of new automated hair transplant technology with Neograft Automation extraction improves speed and efficiency making this procedure more cost effective for the patient.

When researching hair transplant costs you may come across offers for inexpensive surgery. Cheap surgery is no bargain. Often the cheaper quotes don’t include other costs that are then surreptitiously added on after you have committed. You may be quoted cost per individual hair or per graft, which typically contain 1 to 3 hairs each. One may also split a 4-hair graft in two grafts and your cost, or cost per graft, will be higher. We will price your surgery per session and we will get you the best and the highest amount of grafts possible for your  specific session. Those are the specifics that will be discussed with you during your consultation, which will always be face-to-face with Dr. Luciano Sztulman. A nominal fee applies for this consultation.

Other hair transplant cost variables

Other expenses to keep in mind when calculating a hair transplant cost may be the price of any extra medications, blood tests, and travel.

In our practice we also offers zero-interest finance to help make the costs of hair transplantation as affordable as possible, including in-house financing and interest-free plans.