Beware the False Promises of Robotic Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Cost is, on several occasions, linked to the cost of the procedure, the cost of advertising the procedure, and the cost of running the business operation. It’s not about the quality of the work performed.

Sadly, the latest hype is called Robotic Hair Transplant, which depicts a sophisticated device, claiming (indirectly) superior or “artistic” (please…) results. WARNING!: there are no studies to confirm this claim at all, by a mile…., but there is a lot of hope to create a new stream of revenue by these advertisers.

It is sad to see some practitioners pushing this device in the market and using their “white-coat” credentials. Really! There are NO long-term prospective controlled studies about the outcomes of Robotic Hair Transplantation in the world, as of January 2015. And this fact is undisputed.

And I have seen poor results following Robotic Hair Transplantation in our offices in Boston and in Rhode Island, and average results as well – but not better then traditional FUE hair transplant, or automated FUE.

The Art in a manual job, is in the hands of the artist, not in the Robot device. So, if the graft is harvested from the donor area manually or through a device, this graft will still have to be implanted in the recipient area to create excellent cosmetic results, and this is where artistry really matters. Not in a device that costs over 200K.

In fact, the transection rate with Robotic FUE is reported as one of the highest in the field – this is when the graft is accidentally cut upon its removal or harvest procedure, which will be followed by (this) graft implantation in the desired area.

BEWARE of empty promises!!

Stay AWARE my friends!